Try These Tricks for a Fuss-Free Onesie Change with Baby

Playing dress-up with your little one is so much fun until...the kicking starts. And the squirming. And the wriggling. Try these tricks next time you have to get your baby in or out of a onesie for a fuss-free wardrobe swap.

Trick 1: You know those snaps or buttons at the shoulders? They’re not just there to make it easier to pull a onesie over your little one’s head. Undo the closures and pull down over your baby’s shoulders to get that onesie to slide right off without having to pull it over her noggin.

Trick 2: This one is especially good if your baby is set to become the next David Beckham or Mia Hamm (i.e., they’ve got a penchant for kicking). Before slipping your little nugget into a bedtime onesie, snap the legs closed as well as one or two snaps at the crotch. It’s much easier to slip little legs into pants than it is to try snapping them closed over squiggly legs.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth