My Kid Is Obsessed with This Toy Vespa (Almost as Much as I Am)

ambosstoys scooter

Before becoming a mom, I swore to myself that I would never be one of those parents who had garish, plastic toys littered all over the living room floor and smears of strawberry yogurt on the couch. Fast forward one year later and—you guessed it—I am, obviously, that mom. I have made a few attempts to buy my son beautifully-designed toys but the truth is, he just doesn’t like his all-natural, wooden train set as much as he likes the brightly-colored truck complete with flashing lights and honking noises. In fact, the bigger the eyesore a toy is, the more he enjoys it.

I had resigned myself to my fate but my husband, on the other hand, refused to give in. With my son’s one-year birthday around the corner, he spent hours trying to find a plaything that my son—and his parents—would love. Enter the Ambosstoys toddler scooter.

Available in five different colors (including a pretty yellow which just so happens to match our sofa cushions), the scooter is made of metal and requires minimal assembly (like two minutes' worth). It’s self-propelled (meaning no batteries are required) and sturdy enough for kids to climb up and down it without toppling over. With a recommended age range from 1 to 5 years old, my son isn't quite big enough yet to scoot himself forward on his own but he loves being pushed around on it.

But Mom and Dad's favorite feature? Just how cool this thing looks. It’s as if they took a real Italian Vespa and shrunk it down to child-size. After my son giggled with glee while being pushed around on it, he stopped and dismounted. He did this so that he could examine a piece of fluff he found on the floor but we joked that it was as if he had just pulled up to his favorite Roman café and was about to order a cappuccino. This scooter just oozes Italian style.

And sure, this toddler toy doesn’t come cheap but that’s the price you pay for living la dolce vita.

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