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Ah, life with a 12-year-old. Between all of that hormone-fueled angst is a whole lot of personality yet to be explored. And while they’ll just love opening up yet another sweater (#not), you should get them something they’ll be amped to use immediately. Here, a round-up of genius gift ideas that you haven’t thought of before.

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Emoji Pillows

One for all of their moods (within a two-hour period).

Joyin Toy ($17)

Bed Bath & Beyond

Portable Karaoke Machine

We apologize in advance for the imminent screaming to Katy Perry.

CD+G ($45)


Pizza Purse

To carry her chapstick and, like, $10.

Capelli of New York ($20)


Wireless Headphones

For endless hours of uninterrupted skulking.

Skullcandy ($50)


Animation Software for Beginners

Got a gamer on your hands? Give them an early lesson into how video games actually get made with this easy-to-use kit.

Hue HD ($60)


The Guinness Book of World Records

They’ll be obsessed with trying to land a spot. (Prepare for an onslaught of “biggest pizza ever” requests.)

Guinness World Records ($15)


Beginner Guitar

And throw in some sheet music for their favorite Top 40 hit.

Goplus ($19)


Iron-On Patches

These can be adhered to any surface, so let her be in charge of decorating her denim jacket, school backpack and hair clips.

Llena Luna ($1)


Longboard Skateboard

P.S. Longer boards are safer than the smaller versions.

Ten Toes ($60)


Glitter Pens

Get them a notebook to match and they’ll be occupied for hours.

Color Technik ($13)

The Grommet

Nail Polish Station

Um, an LED drying light? Is it weird if we buy one, too?

Polder ($40)

Tom’s Deodorant


This one’s a little bit more for you—it is puberty after all.

Tom’s deodorant ($9)

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