You may have read about the confidence-boosting, responsibility-building benefits of having kids do chores. But if you want to watch a child practically explode with pride, ask him to do something helpful that an adult would normally handle. Here, a to-do list for the ages—all of them. 

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adult task garden

1. Water the garden 

2. Call a restaurant and (respectfully) make dinner reservations   

3. Order his own meal (the drive-through counts)

4. Rip up and wash lettuce for a salad

5. Chop up fruit (with a plastic knife)

adult tasks call
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6. Dial her grandparents’ phone number 

7. Separate white from dark laundry

8. Load the washing machine and/or dryer

9. Match socks

adult tasks car
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10. Wash the car

11. Sweep, Swiffer or mop the floor with rags

12. Wash first-floor windows

13. Bring in the mail

adult tasks table

14. Set the table

15. Clear the table

16. Start the dishwasher

17. Rake leaves (jumping encouraged)

18. Pull weeds

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adult tasks dog
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19. Feed the dog

20. Walk the dog 

21. Flatten or stack boxes for recycling

adult tasks gift

22. Wrap a present 

23. Turn off all the lights when the family leaves the house

24. Punch in the garage or alarm code  

25. Tell a taxi driver his address

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