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They’ve got excellent taste in life, so of course Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake would choose the world’s greatest nanny, the veteran caregiver Timberlake calls “My sister from another mister, and someone I like to call 'The Baby Whisperer’” and Biel calls “a dear member of the Timberlake family." And while you may not be able to kidnap her and lock her in your nursery ’til your kids leave for college, you can glean some of her soothing, homespun wisdom from Instagram. Here, Nanny Connie's best advice.  

Embrace your post-baby body
“Having that extra baby weight is sometimes necessary. Once you have your baby, your body isn't going to just snap back. If you're a breastfeeding mom, know your milk is only as good as the calories that you put in it. You have to change your mindset because those calories are not for you but for your baby.” Related: “Repeat after me: Butter is my friend."

Medicate teething toddlers at bedtime—before pain sets in
“When all else fails, Motrin. Start earlier, before they’re in the middle of their resting cycle. If you wait until they’re crying, then you’ve got issues."

Appreciate grandparents
They may meddle. They may spoil. They may judge your choice to sleep train. But Nanny Connie is here to remind us: “No matter how the cookies have crumbled, without them there would be no us.” 

Live and die by the 5 S's
“A good swaddle and a pacifier are key for catching the sandman."

Self care is everything
“Parenting is a very long journey, not a sprint. As a parent you have to make sure you personally do the proper maintenance. If you're not whole then your family isn't whole!”

Trust yourself
"Once you're done reading the books, taking the classes, and listening to all the advice, try common sense. A simple common sense check will save you a lot of unnecessary stress!” See also: “You'd be surprised at how many parents legitimately say to themselves, ‘I don't know what the hell I'm doing!’ That's OK because there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Just don't allow the fear to paralyze your natural instincts. You got this.

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