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There’s a reason that Joanna Gaines, domestic goddess and advocate of giant clocks, has 4.5 million adoring Instagram followers. We like to think it’s because, among her Fixer Upper snaps of open concepts and fabric swatches, she also gives a super-personal glimpse into her idyllic family life. And that includes (subtly) doling out some pretty darn salient parenting advice.

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Responsible Behavior Should Be Rewarded

It’s OK to provide a little incentive to care for things responsibly when kids are growing. We love that Jo’s girls get new plants each month in exchange for keeping their collection happy and healthy.

Show Them That Work Is Fun

Gaines’s kiddos are frequently 'grammed happily helping out with design and staging. (Hedging our bets that these guys are going to grow up like Mom—in a vocation where work = play.)

Teach Kids Responsibility Young

Nine-year-old Ella’s family chores include collecting the chicken’s eggs. (Look at that organized schedule. Go, Ella!)

Creativity Should be Encouraged

Even (and especially) if that means making a mess--seen here in Emmie’s peanut butter M&M abstract decor.

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A House Should Look Like Kids Live There

Life with kids is not picture-perfect. Rubber dinosaur decor in the bathroom? Bring it on, say Chip and Jojo.

Old-Fashioned Fun Trumps Newfangled Tech

Ipads and video games? Nope—Gaines’s boys spend their rainy days inside making paper planes and building forts.

Kids Don’t Need the Newest, Most Expensive Toys Pt. 1

In fact, a package of Dixie cups can provide endless entertainment.

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Kids Don’t Need the Newest, Most Expensive Toys Pt. 2

Toilet paper princess towers? The best.

Sowing Seeds Early Is Always Worth It

We’re not going to paraphrase this takeaway—go read Jojo’s beautiful words.

Kids Should Have Pets

No judgment if you can’t stomach a goat, though.

Paying for Pampering Is Totally Kosher

It’s the same concept as chore money, right?

Naptime Is A Necessity

And it need not be conventional. Living room fort naps? Hey, whatever works.

Chill Out

And calm down. Kids are human rubber bands—so go ahead, let them use a fence as a darn tightrope walk.  

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