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There’s something about seeing a child in a homemade costume that just makes you chuckle. Behold ten fruits of parenting labor. (These kids are going to have some phenomenal family photos to look back on 20 years from now.)

A Jar of Rainbow Sprinkles

Turns out, a pile of hot-dog-shaped balloons looks strangely like sprinkles.

Sadness from “Inside Out”

Sadness steals your heart in this Disney Pixar flick, and this costume will steal the neighborhood spotlight this Halloween. (Extra accolades for really acting out the part.)

Jumbo-Size Candy Bars

Do your kids have an insatiable sweet tooth? Turn them into life-size versions of their favorite HERSHEY'S milk chocolate bar, complete with their actual weight.

hersheys2  1

Take It a Step Further

Feeling the urge to make a cameo? Take that HERSHEY'S milk chocolate bar costume and turn it into a s’more fit for the whole family—little marshmallow included.

A.C. Slater

Is there anything funnier than a baby in acid-wash jeans?

Mother of Dragons

Your kids will love dressing up as dragons, while you (Khaleesi) can relish in the fact that you’ve stayed culturally relevant.

Scuba Divers

Just make sure your little divers aren’t the ones diving into those two-liter bottles of soda.

The House of Cornwall


Bonus if your guy happens to look exactly like the main character, Linguini. (You see it too, right?)

BB-8 from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Perhaps this is the droid you’re looking for?

A Photo-booth Strip

A funny wig can make a world of difference.

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