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New motherhood has two guarantees: You’ll seriously consider investing in a coffee IV, and you will probably feel stressed 99 percent of the time. Thankfully, there are several things that can help curb the latter. Here, seven products to help new moms channel their Zen (it’s hiding in there somewhere).


A (Thick) Sleep Mask and Earplugs

Mom should sleep when the baby sleeps, even if that’s in the middle of the day. Not only does a shortchanged sleep schedule lead to dark circles, it also affects your cognitive functions and makes daily activities feel more challenging. Go for a silk mask—it’ll be gentle on your face and hair. (We don’t need any additional fine lines or flyaways, thanks very much.)

Slip ($45)


An Extra-Large Water Bottle

Because you will be constantly trapped on the sofa with a sleeping baby for hours on end, barely able to use the remote let alone get up for more water. Oh, and staying hydrated is especially important for new moms since it decreases cortisol levels (you know, that pesky hormone that makes you feel frazzled).

S’well ($45)

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A Super Smart Baby Monitor

Fine. You’ve accepted the fact that there might be moments here and there when you and the baby aren’t cuddling, or even in the same room. For those stressful minutes (okay, seconds), give yourself a little peace of mind by setting up a baby monitor that can do it all, wherever you are. Pan the nursery while you brew a fresh pot, or get smartphone alerts at the coffee shop if your little one stirs while your husband's on duty. Suddenly, a moment away feels a lot less distant.

VTech VM991 ($259.99)

nursing scarf
Itzy Ritzy

A Big Nursing Scarf

When the baby’s hungry, the baby’s hungry. It doesn’t matter where you are. A lightweight, full-coverage nursing scarf will spare you the anxiety of a potential nip slip in the Target parking lot.

Itzy Ritzy ($25)

nursing pillow

A Cushy Nursing Pillow

These godsends spare your arms and back by lifting the baby up to a more comfortable position for you both. Buy multiples and keep one in every room.

Boppy ($40)

fanny pack

A Fits-All Fanny Pack

OK, hear us out. Snag one of these bad boys and fill it with everything you may need during the course of the day—phone, burp cloth, pencil and log book, you name it. Then strap it around your waist and wear it everywhere (especially around the house). Otherwise, you may get trapped on that aforementioned sofa with nary an Instagram feed to browse.

Herschel ($35)


A Hands-Free Baby Carrier

Because nothing soothes your nerves like a Venti iced latte in one hand and a flaky croissant in the other. 

BabyBjörn ($64)

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