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14 Things to Buy for Yourself Because You’re a Mom and Deserve It Dammit

fresh flowers mothers day

Regularly scheduled flowers. Sure, your kids may have nailed the homemade picture frames and macaroni necklaces, but you know what you really want: A scheduled delivery of fresh flowers.

ear plugs mothers day present

Quiet Please ear plugs. To bring back that blissful, underrated noise of nothingness.

parachute bedding mothers day

A super-cozy bedding set. So at least while you’re in bed, you’ll feel like you did B.C. (before children).

bathrobe mothers day present

A super-cozy robe. Because sometimes slipping into something more comfortable means putting on a silky, oversized blanket with a tie.

baies diptyque candle mothers day

Amazing scented candle. Diapers? What diapers?

kusmi wellness teas mothers day

Tea variety pack. Then pretend you’re waking up in Covent Garden…and not New Jersey.

silver oak mothers day present

A full-bodied bottle of Cabernet. For those days when you just need something a little stronger.

mothers day gifts adults trip

An adults-only vacation. Stop the talk and put your plan into action by booking an all-inclusive trip to the Poconos—with no kids allowed.

la mer face cream mothers day

Luxurious face cream. To give you that eight-hours-of-sleep glow—even if you’re running on four.

bath bombs mothers day presents

All-natural bath bombs. An instant de-stressor at the fizzy drop of a hat.

espadrilles mothers day present

Cute and comfy slip-ons. Just because you spend a lot of your day chasing after toddlers doesn’t mean you can’t be chic.

chocolate strawberries candy mothers day

Chocolate. Need we say more?

kindle mothers day gift

A kindle. To read parenting books sexy, Scandinavian mysteries.

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