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10 Essentials For Traveling with Little Kids

umbrella stroller

Umbrella stroller. Easy to pack, easy to carry and lifesaving when you’ve got a 3-year-old who suddenly refuses to walk through the airport.

mustela wet wipes

Wet wipes. For food on faces, sticky fingers and miscellaneous (we don’t really wanna know) liquids.

roller suitecase

Bag rider. The suitcase-stroller hybrid of your dreams.


Travel crib. Whether you’re hitting up the beach, an Airbnb or even your parents’ house, you need a place for the baby to sleep, right?

refrigerated cooler backpack

A cooler bag. The second a hunger whine strikes, you’ll be ready with cold, healthy(ish) snacks.

kid headphones

Kid-friendly headphones. If you have to stick them in front of a third episode of Bubble Guppies, you might as well be sure there won’t be any hearing damage.

mad libs

Mad Libs. The adjective will never not be “poopy.”

changing pad

Portable changing kit. Speaking of poopy.

coloring book

Magic-ink activity book. For peace of mind that there’s a zero percent chance of marker on your hotel-room walls.


An iPad. Because even the greatest of parents sometimes need a Moana break.

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