What is PureWow?

PureWow is your online source for the most interesting, beautiful and useful things in life (think: purses that charge your cell phone! 30-minute recipes!). Sign up now.

How do I sign up?

It's easy — just click here.

How do you choose what to cover?

PureWow's editorial team is, quite frankly, obsessed with finding the most compelling recommendations that will appeal to you. We've been covering the subjects we write about for many years, eagerly hunt through a myriad of diverse contacts, research, travel, and we try out everything we can. Then, knowing how busy you are, we filter it all, providing just the most relevant discoveries. It's like having a clued-in insider finding things for you to enjoy everyday.

How can I tell you about something that might be of interest for PureWow?

We're always on the look-out for must-haves with a (Pure) wow factor. To suggest something to our editorial team, just send an email to Please include a detailed description with your suggestion; if we're interested in getting more information, one of our editors will be in touch.

Do any of the companies/brands you write about pay for coverage?

Never — like all respected media outlets, our editorial and advertising teams work independently. Our editors' key criterion is that you'll trust our recommendations and find them useful and appealing, so we never accept payment for editorial coverage, and advertisers don't get preferential treatment. And, although we try loads of samples and test out what we write about, we don't accept gifts either.

Are you hiring?

Please see our Jobs page.

Can I intern for PureWow?

Sure. Just drop a cover letter and a resume to

Will you share my email address or personal information with others?

Absolutely not. Rest assured that any information you give, including your email address, is kept strictly confidential. For more on our privacy policy, click here.


I've subscribed but I haven't gotten any PureWow emails yet.

Occasionally, our emails might get blocked or marked as Junk Mail by your email provider. To ensure you get every PureWow email, follow these instructions on how to add PureWow to your safe sender or whitelist.

My emails look a bit odd when they come in — how can I fix that?

Many email service providers automatically block images. Typically, unblocking images is as easy as checking your email account preferences or settings. For more directions on unblocking images, just click here.

I've changed my email address. How do I switch my PureWow subscription to the new address?

It's easy: just <href="/footer/national/manage_subscription.htm">login at your account page using your old email address. Update your email address and submit it -- your subscription will then be transferred to the new address.


How do I search for an article?

It's easy: use our search engine to find what you're looking for. Just type in a few words, press "search", and you'll get a list of relevant articles.


How can I advertise on PureWow?

Just contact our sales team at for more information.

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Does advertising on PureWow mean that I'll lose out on editorial coverage?

No. Our editorial and advertising teams work autonomously. PureWow's editors write about whatever will be most appealing and relevant to our subscribers, plain and simple. Any editorial coverage of our advertisers is purely coincidental.

Any Additional Questions?

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