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In the cartoon world, the falling piano is a familiar trope.

But in real-world San Francisco, pianos actually are dangling from the sky.

Brian Goggin’s latest public work, Caruso’s Dream, is a series of upright, grand and baby grand glass pianos suspended over a sidewalk in SoMa with sailor’s rope and reclaimed-wood braces. The piece, which hangs off a new 9th Street condo development, is reminiscent of the artist’s longstanding installation on 6th Street called Defenestration (the quirky abandoned building with furniture dripping off the exterior).

This new project is named after Italian tenor Enrico Caruso--who awoke to San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake after a performance at the SF Opera--and is meant to evoke a quake that thrust these pianos high into the sky.

By day, the pianos shimmer as light refracts off the glass. But we suggest heading over at night, when 90.9 FM broadcasts an accompanying soundtrack replete with the opera star’s singing.

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