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Stealthy watering holes around town
Enter password. Commence cocktailing.

Psst... We all love a good modern-day speakeasy, but get ready to fall for a new underground drinking trend in town: bars within bars. Think high-end cocktails served up in small, quiet, sometimes hidden spaces carved out of larger, busier bars. Here, we let you in on a few of the secrets.

If you want a bespoke concoction Finding SRO (short for Standing Room Only) inside Oddjob requires a little sleuthing. Hint: Take the secret bookcase door at the back of the main bar. The bartender sizes you up (no menu here) and stirs you something original, like corn-flower-infused vodka with roasted-tea syrup and lemon. And he’s quick to tell you that he’ll never mix the same drink twice. 1337 Mission St.

If you plan ahead Wilson and Wilson at Bourbon & Branch requires both passwords and reservations (you’ll be issued a password after booking online). Once you’re inside, the crimson-lipped hostess leads you upstairs to a door resembling that of an actual detective agency á la the ’80s TV series Moonlighting. Order your carefully handcrafted Red Scarab (sparkling wine, apple brandy and hibiscus) from a drink menu hidden deep within a case file. 505 Jones St.

If you don’t want anyone to bother you The Hideout at Dalva is a mellower version of its parent bar--so no thumping DJ music. The separate room is tucked away in the back of the long, narrow space. Venture here to drink your greyhound with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice in peace after a stressful day at the office. 3121 16th St.

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