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It?s a pretty common San Francisco pastime to wax poetic about the city?s quirks and charms. Heck, Armistead Maupin even made a whole collection out of it with his beloved Tales of the City.

Potrero Hill resident and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton (remember last year?s endearing Lost Cat tale?) is perhaps the modern-day Maupin. 

Meanwhile in San Francisco is MacNaughton?s love letter to the uniquely individual people who make this place so special, from the vastly underappreciated MUNI bus driver (?We get paid about $30 an hour: $1 to drive, $29 to deal with people.?) to the colorful patrons of the Civic Center public library, who line up outside before it opens. Then there are the fierce Dolphin Club bay swimmers, who warm up with a post-swim brandy. And the tireless farmers market vendors who get up at 2 a.m. every day.

While the city swells under the influx of programmers and grows taller with luxury high-rises, MacNaughton's work is a celebration of the characters who enrich the city in a way money can?t.

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