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SF?s secret tanning spot
Organic Shimmer's chic lounge

Your colleague whose skin always looks perfectly sun-kissed? She didn?t actually spend the weekend surfing the frigid waters of Pacifica or running a 5-K in Golden Gate Park.

She went tanning.

Before you judge, think about it: Don?t you always feel a little better with a little color in your cheeks?

Earlier this year, Organic Shimmer opened a full-service spa in SoMa following the success of its Marina tanning salon. For $35, you?ll get a private airbrush spray-down in the spa?s signature stainless-steel and teak tanning booth. Designed exclusively for Organic Shimmer, it?s super-sleek--nothing like the mall-variety tanning booths you might remember from your teens.

First-time tanners should opt for Organic Shimmer ?light? to avoid an overly bronzed Matthew McConaughey look. In a quick 10 minutes, you?ll be sprayed, fanned, dried and out the door looking like you?ve gotten a good dose of vitamin D. This is not the fake baking of yesteryear. And it?s a great alternative to smelly self-tanning lotion. You?ll even be able to sport a white blouse the very next day with no fear of rub-off.

Hello, faux outdoor glow.

680 Eighth St.; 415-638-6463 or

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