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Do thoughts of a hike on Marin?s Steep Ravine trail keep you motivated Monday through Friday? The salty smell of the coastal air, the crunch of pine needles under your Merrell boots, the warm feeling of the sun on your North Face-clad back...

Now you can enjoy the woods even when you?re stuck crossing Market Street or locked in a conference room at Twitter HQ.

East Bay outfitter Juniper Ridge--the only wilderness perfumer of its kind--just launched a limited-edition Winter Redwood Backpacker?s Cologne ($65). Basically, if you had to bottle the Bay Area, this is it.

The unisex fragrance, available at The Perish Trust, is made entirely from the oils of plants and trees harvested from Redwood Canyon and the misty forests of Mount Tam. It?s crafted in small batches (there are only 337 hand-numbered, one-ounce bottles in existence) by pulling smoke through the distilled essential oils of bay laurel, redwood, Douglas fir and sage. Spicy notes are balanced with the muskiness of wood smoke and ocean.

Consider it your olfactory escape as you sit through yet another meeting about SEO.

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