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Share Some Style
Remember this epic closet?

Real talk: Your closet needs a little tough love. (That bridesmaid?s dress from your sister?s wedding has really overstayed its welcome.)

To help you purge--and, of course, make room for things like tea-length skirts--there?s Share Some Style.

The year-old company will match you up with talented local stylists who will show you what to toss, what to keep and what new items you should add to your wardrobe (at-home or video-chat closet audits are $249). You can also enlist a stylist to go shopping with you (starting at $50 an hour) or regularly weigh in on what you wear out of the house ($19 a month).

Here, a few invaluable pointers we picked up during our closet audit:

That stain is never going to come out. If that Cabernet splash on your silk blouse has been setting for more than a month, chances are it isn?t going anywhere. Chuck it.

If you?re not psyched to wear it now... you?re never going to be. Your closet should be filled with things you?re excited to wear.

Tailor, tailor, tailor Strap keeps slipping off your shoulder? Dropped a few pounds during a New Year cleanse? Instead of letting clothes loiter because they don?t fit, get ?em nipped and tucked.

Just because some ?90s styles are back doesn?t mean you should keep things from the ?90s. Enough said.

Evacuate your unwanted clothes immediately. Get those bags to Goodwill ASAP, before you start to second-guess your purging decisions.

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