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Sweat Republic
A Surfset class in action

Even when it?s covered in a wet suit, you know you want a surfer?s body.

Get started on that goal at Sweat Republic.

The new fitness studio in the Marina specializes in Surfset classes: Using a real six-foot surfboard balanced on three Bosu trainers, you do moves that mimic surfing--paddling out, popping up and squatting down to ride the waves. It?s a full-body workout that majorly tests your core strength (and your concentration).

Sweat Republic offers a number of unique takes on Surfset: The Surf and Turf class combines the board exercises with TRX?s suspension training. Surfset Flow has you doing yoga poses on the board (you can get a pretty deep pigeon stretch by rocking the board forward, FYI).

We experimented with the Surfset SUP Challenge, which includes stand-up paddleboarding moves like rowing with imaginary oars and bending your knees to do toe-dips into the (nonexistent) water. Just balancing on the wobbly board was a challenge, never mind holding a plank pose on it. But the overall effect was invigorating--almost as much as a dip in the bay would be.

Surfset classes are $25. 2184 Greenwich St.; 415-896-4405 or

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