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Third Rail
An appetizing cocktail and jerky pairing.
Kristian Melom

Dogpatch is home to some of the best cheese and chocolate in the city--and now, it is the neighborhood to go to for inventive cocktails and jerky.

Sound like an odd combo? It totally makes sense (and tastes amazing, trust us) when you hit up Third Rail, a new bar from the folks behind Range.

The drink menu is divided into four categories (aperitifs, seasonal, citrus and “spirituous”), so it’s easy to navigate. We loved the botanical flavor of the Tally Ho, which mixes gin with yellow chartreuse, lime and a kick of ginger. And we had to restrain ourselves from ordering a second Double Date, which is a spiced wintry concoction made with date-infused rye and cinnamon bitters.

The cocktails pair surprisingly well with the extensive jerky selection ($2.50 an ounce), which includes Spicy Beef Candy with hints of brown sugar and chile. We recommend pairing the Red Eye (spiked with coffee, chile and cumin) with a Sweet Thang (a vodka mash-up with pomegranate and thyme)--the smoky meat amplifies the bright pepper in the drink.

One word of warning: Don’t bother checking the time on the vintage clock that hangs near the mid-century couch up front. The hour is permanently set to just before midnight.

628 20th St.,

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