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Reclamation Etchworks
The "Constance" set

You take your holiday entertaining seriously: Your place is decorated to perfection, you frosted your cookies with royal icing. So setting out generic bottles of booze just isn’t going to cut it.

That’s why we love Reclamation Etchworks’ elegant spirit decanters, into which you can pour your favorite varieties of alcohol.

They’re designed by two Bay Area bar and restaurant veterans who started collecting empties from some of their favorite watering holes, like Trick Dog and the The Alembic, a year ago. Loathe to throw away--or even recycle--the bottles, the liquor-loving gentlemen decided to transform them into Prohibition-style decanters.

Each reclaimed bottle is etched with a laser engraver (after being sanitized, of course) and then inscribed with deco and art nouveau motifs. Currently for sale are two different sets of four bottles labeled for gin, tequila, rum and bourbon. (No grenadine yet. Sorry.)

We’re partial to the Variance ($199), which looks right out of a Great Gatsby-esque mise-en-scène.

You can order through the website for delivery, or pick up the bottles at the Reclamation Etchworks workshop in Potrero Hill.

No one will ever know it’s Captain Morgan in there.

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