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Carlysle shelving
Look, Ma, no drill!
Matt Quann

Holiday spirit notwithstanding, chances are you?d give up playing Santa Claus for a little free space right now--what with all the yuletide tchotchkes and shopping bags you?ve been amassing (oh, and the massive tree that?s eating up half your living room).

Your little Grinch heart will burst right out of your chest when you see the insanely easy-to-install shelving from Carlysle Manufacturing Company.

The sleek modular units (starting at $275), made from steel rods and cherry or walnut wood, take mere minutes to hang, according to designer John Pemberton. All you need is an Allen wrench and a level (both included). That?s right, no power tools are necessary, because the shelves are built to be installed on picture rails, which happen to be super-popular in SF residences.

The shelves come in several sizes and can be mixed and matched at different heights. Pemberton also makes hanging coatracks (starting at $325) to help get more stuff off the floor and make some room to finally assemble that train set for your nephews.

Everything is available online and at Maker & Moss in Hayes Valley.

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