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First Rite
A dark lip is required for this look.

This season, we were thrilled to see some beloved ’90s styles--specifically those of the grunge and goth variety--make a comeback. (Others, like patterned vests and Blossom-sized hats, thankfully remain in the Clinton era.)

To get the ’90s-for-now look, we’re turning to First Rite’s fall collection.

Designer Nikki Garcia--who grew up in Portland, Oregon, and moved to SF in 2008--has updated the minimalist slip dresses of yore with a mid-calf smock ($260), which makes them considerably more forgiving (in our humble opinion). And we couldn’t be more psyched to wear her new take on the oft-maligned overalls ($300), styled with an on-trend turtleneck, of course. Modern-day Doc Martens (yes, they’re making a comeback too) would complement pretty much every look in her current line, which has such a Prada-circa-’97 vibe going on.

The ’90s aside, Garcia’s minimalist, edgy clothes are something we’ll keep coming back to--regardless of which era we’re trying to evoke.

First Rite is currently available at The Voyager Shop (365 Valencia St., 415-578-3363) and Revolver (136 Fillmore St., 415-871-0665).

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