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Oakland Unseen
Don't believe a word you read...

What if The Onion had an East Bay outpost? That’s exactly the question Matt Werner asked himself about a year ago when he founded the website Oakland Unseen.

There, the funnyman (who is a technical writer at Google by day) satirizes the local news, riffing on everything from so-called hipster crimes to the Chronicle’s shrinking book-review section. He recently came out with a print edition, available here, but you can always get your daily dose directly from his Tumblr site. Below, a few of our favorite hilarious headlines:

David Foster Wallace-Themed Café Opens in Uptown Typewriters are encouraged and antidepressant-infused muffins are on the menu.

Banksy Turned Away from Art Murmur Galleries for Being Too Traditional His work just wasn’t postmodern enough.

Powerful Vegan Lobby Leads Crusade Against SFO Being Renamed Milk Airport Enough said.

Jack White Flight: Hipsters Fleeing Oakland in Record Numbers The “New Great Migration” is attributed to the surplus of fixed-gear bikes among other offenses.

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