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Some Sundays, we just feel like ordering MSG-laden General Tso?s chicken and calling it a weekend. So kill us. (It probably will anyway.)

But for those times when you'd like to rein in your sinful eating tendencies, you can now request delivery through Zesty.

The brand-spanking-new app virtually prevents you from ordering something unhealthy. How?s that possible? Well, it ain?t easy. The founders enlisted the expert help of dietitian Michelle Davenport, Ph.D., to vet local restaurants and ensure the nutritional value of their dishes. She actually goes into the kitchens, verifies the ingredients and works with the cooks to minimize oil, salt and sugar.

Get started by downloading the app and entering your address. Zesty will then pull up all the healthy ready-to-deliver eateries in your neighborhood. (They?re mostly concentrated downtown right now, but a new one will be added every week.) You can filter by your dietary preferences (gluten-free, low-fat, Paleo) and see photos of the meals as well as their nutritional data (Szechuan lamb from Wonderland has 374 calories and 14 grams of fat). For further quality control, Zesty only works with restaurants that have 3.5 stars or more on Yelp.

Unfortunately, Zesty cannot account for the pint of Bi-Rite ice cream you dig into after dinner.

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