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Behold, your new virtual mailbox

Hop into your way-way-back machine. Remember the VCR? The Walkman? You may be able to add the mailbox to that list of antiquated devices pretty soon.

If it?s up to Outbox, that is. The genius new service digitizes your snail mail, so you can access, view, organize and even dispose of it online.

How?s that possible? The Bay Area brainiacs behind it have arranged a system wherein they retrieve your mail three times a week (with your permission) before scanning and storing it in a secure warehouse. It?s then uploaded to your account so you can access it virtually on your computer, iPhone or iPad--which comes in particularly handy when you?re traveling.

Outbox has all sorts of other nifty features: You can unsubscribe from annoying mailings with a click. You can sort your mail into email-like folders (e.g., bills, invitations). You can schedule reminders for various to-dos (pay said bills, respond to said invitations).

And if it turns out you do want the physical version of that darling save-the-date, simply send a request to Outbox and it will be delivered to your front door in just a few days.

Outbox is only available in the Bay Area and Austin, Texas, for now, so take advantage of it while it?s still under the radar. The first month is free, after which it?s $8 monthly--a small price to pay for cutting down on clutter.

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