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SF Symphony film night
Run, Cary, Run!

Imagine the infamous shower scene in Psycho without those shrieking violins (believe it or not, Alfred Hitchcock originally wanted it sans music). Would it be nearly as terrifying?

Now imagine just how fantastically chilling it would be to watch the film on the big screen accompanied by a live orchestra. Because you can, at the San Francisco Symphony?s new Film Night series, which kicks off with a week of Hitchcock.

Each night from October 30 to November 2, the orchestra will play the scores from several of the director?s iconic films (think Psycho and Vertigo) while the movies are projected above the stage. The dialogue and sound effects remain, but the music has been ?scrubbed out?--the conductor uses a special screen to help him keep time.

The series also includes guest talks (we?re excited for the November 1 conversation with Steven Smith, an expert on Hitchcock?s go-to composer Bernard Herrmann). But the highlight has to be watching the carousel scene in Strangers on a Train as the music swells around you.

Tickets start at $20. All performances are at Davies Symphony Hall, 201 Van Ness Ave.

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