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The Future Starts Here
Shlain, surrounded by tech messages

Tiffany Shlain thinks you?re probably tech-stipated. ?What?s that?? you ask? It?s when your various in-boxes and feeds are so clogged with messages and updates that you Just. Can?t. Get. Through. Them.

This is a woman who would know. The filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards is a bona fide tech guru (she was invited by Hillary Clinton to advise her on the topic), and through her production studio on the Embarcadero, she made a critically acclaimed documentary called Connected about our relationship with technology.

Shlain?s latest endeavor is an original AOL Web series called The Future Starts Here, in which she deftly explores the impact modern technology has on our busy lives--with a sense of humor. Each of the eight roughly five-minute episodes flits between commentary, archival footage and original animation to tackle a different cultural phenomenon like ?gadget etiquette? or ?information overload.?

We found her segment on taking a ?Technology Shabbat? (i.e., completely unplugging once a week) to be really darn useful.

The episodes are all available online now, so choose one to watch or binge on the whole series if you want. Just be sure to try a tech Shabbat of your own afterward.

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