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A few years ago on their annual trip to Yosemite, three girlfriends were less than impressed by a certain popular margarita mix that shall remain unnamed. The Marin-based women, Sydney Rainin-Smith, Jill Korst and Carey Clahan, were convinced they could make a tastier low-cal concoction that was (in typical Bay Area fashion) all-natural too.

They were right.

Their debut Laughing Glass margarita is a thoroughly grown-up cocktail that has just 100 calories per glass (41 per 1.5 ounces, if you’re counting carefully). Korst, the group’s resident mixologist, went to great pains to ensure that it would not only taste good but also be about as healthy for you as an alcoholic drink can be.

They went straight to the source--Tequila, Mexico--to find premium blanco tequila that’s fermented in allergen-free stainless-steel casks. It’s mixed with organic agave nectar, and there are no additives, colors or artificial sweeteners (thanks, Breaking Bad, for making us paranoid about all sweeteners). The result is smooth, citrusy and sweet without being saccharine. And it’s slightly carbonated, so the flavors pop as you sip.

Laughing Glass is sold at various stores around Northern California (search here for one near you) and can be ordered through Ludwig’s ($18).

Cheers, ladies.

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