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In a town like this, even your jeans can (and should) be high-tech--especially if that means they?ll have a slimming effect on your thighs.

Local denim juggernaut Levi?s recently came out with a new line called Revel, which employs what they?re calling ?liquid shaping technology? to elongate your legs, lift your seat and cinch your waist.

Skeptical, per usual, we went straight to the source and asked Jill Guenza, the company?s global VP of women?s design, what?s really behind those claims. Her answers impressed us: A coating applied to the inside of the denim limits the stretch around your thighs and behind, and a four-way stretch fabric flatters your curves without losing its shape. Revel jeans also have elongating seams and strategically placed whiskers (a.k.a. faded lines) to create a lean appearance.

But the ultimate test is how they look when you turn sideways in a mirror--and, of course, how the jeans make you feel. We slipped into a pair of Pressed Dark Slight Curve Skinnys ($98) and swear our legs grew two inches. We still had to suck in our stomach after a meal at Nopalito...but that?s to be expected.

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