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Full brows
This is the look we're going for.

Some beauty trends--like bold, bright lipstick--we’ll try in a heartbeat. But others have us wishing for some professional assistance. Take the full brow, which is still going strong but has us terrified of looking like this.

We enlisted the help of makeup artist Liz Fanlo, who recently opened a mini-boutique on Fillmore Street, and got some foolproof instructions for taking the shapelier plunge:

Before you begin, Fanlo suggests purchasing a brow kit like this one ($40) from La Bella Donna.

Step 1: Remove stray hairs and create an arch by using a brow stencil like Anastasia’s ($20). Brush over the stencil with the brow powder from your kit, then pluck around that shape.

Step 2: Using an eyeliner pencil that’s slightly lighter than your hair shade, fill in your brow wherever you see skin. (Hint: Use soft strokes in the shape of half-moons.) Color in the beginning of your brow to create a 90-degree angle, then use a spoolie brush ($2) to blend.

Step 3: With a slanted eyeliner brush like this ($26), run over your brows with the powder from step 2. Blend again with the spoolie.

Step 4: Set your brows in place with the spoolie brush and a pomade, which is typically included in most brow kits.

Step 5: Using a clean eyeliner brush, apply highlighter (also in the kit) underneath and over each arch to complete the look.

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