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Pop quiz: A houseguest asks you for a glass of water. You...

A. Give her a plastic water bottle and endure disdainful looks.
B. Begrudgingly take your clunky Brita out of the fridge and pray you changed the filter within the past year.
C. Beam as you pour a crystal-clear glass from the gorgeous carafe shown above (cue oohs and ahs).

Like what you C? Well, it’s called Soma, and it makes purifying water not just sustainable but pretty freakin’ beautiful too.

Created by a team of Bay Area-based designers and advisers (who have worked for Keurig and Ideo among other innovative companies), the sleek hourglass-shaped carafe is designed to impress. But it’s the filter that really makes Soma stand out. Unlike traditional ones that wind up in landfills, it’s made out of coconut shell carbon, fine silk and plant-based casing, so it’s 100 percent biodegradable.

To solve the pesky problem of when to change your filter, Soma devised a subscription service that delivers fresh filters to your home every two months--it’s $49 for the carafe and two filters, $13 for each replacement (shipping is free). Plus, a portion of every sale goes to the nonprofit organization Charity: Water.

Sustainability, meet smart design.

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