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The Cavalier
The main dining room at the Cavalier. Image courtesy of Virginia Miller.

Pimm’s Cup in hand, you sink into a midnight-blue leather banquette. A taxidermy deer head hangs behind you, vintage cathedral lanterns dangle above and a sleek zinc bar is in sight. No, you and Pippa Middleton have not traded places. You are at The Cavalier.

The new restaurant at Hotel Zetta, from the team behind Marlowe and Park Tavern, brings a posh British hunting lodge slash gastropub to SoMa. And we’re pretty bloody happy about it.

The cocktail menu revolves around London classics like the White Lady (a sidecar with gin). Even American whiskey gets the Queen’s treatment in drinks such as the Victorian ($12), where George Dickel rye intermingles with Earl Grey tea, sweet vermouth and a rinse of Madeira (fortified Portuguese wine).

Over in the main dining room, meals like the steak and oyster pie ($19) with a side of minted peas and beans ($8) are fit for a fox hunt. While this might sound heavy, it’s actually traditional, hearty British fare with a lighter gourmet touch. Case in point: the Cavalier’s take on Welsh rarebit ($13), which comes in the form of a mini soufflé served fluffy with eggs, a drizzle of gravy-like sauce and cheddar chips.


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