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Faraday Bikes
Hop on, press start, pedal away.

We’ll admit it: We’re a little bike crazy. From wooden two-wheelers to soulful cycling classes, we’re total pedal push(ov)ers.

Our latest obsession? The sensational electric bicycle from Faraday.

Designed and handmade in SF, this bike sets itself apart from other electric models with its significantly lighter frame, smoother ride and retro-meets-modern style.

Maybe you’ve cruised around on one before, but for all the e-bike virgins out there, here’s how they operate: When you push the “on” button, the built-in battery kicks in, a sensor measures how much effort you’re exerting, and the motor propels you accordingly. If you feel like breaking a sweat, simply leave the power off for a decidedly more traditional biking experience.

The Faraday Porteur, which recharges in 45 minutes, has a boost button you can press for an extra power surge (to get you up those steep hills). The bike also has LED lights that automatically turn on when it gets dark. But we’re most excited about the design: Inspired by European delivery bikes from the ’40s and ’50s, the Porteur has an old-school vibe that looks totally fresh in mint green and white.

Order one now ($3,500) for delivery in December, when it will be available for pickup in SoMa.

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