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Looma lamp
Just try to stop staring at it...

No matter how high-tech it gets, SF is still a pretty psychedelic city, from our epic festivals to the Bay Lights installation. And while we’d never set foot on a Magic Bus tour or attend Burning Man, there’s still a part of us that wants to trip out--just a little.

That’s why we were mesmerized at first sight by the Looma lamp. This kaleidoscopic light box, which made its debut earlier this summer, emits a rainbow of colors that you can control via a remote control.

Sound cheesy? We promise you it’s not. The Oakland-based designers craft the light boxes out of bamboo, then kiln-fire and hand-cut the glass slats before installing LED strips. You can control the hues it projects and the brightness, as well as how quickly it cycles through its 20 shades (teal, violet, red, etcetera). Or, if you’re in a more mellow state of mind, pick one solid color.

Looma lamps come in three sizes ($300 to $500) and are available online only. Plug one in and let your inner hippie take over.

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