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Blu Kicks
Kicking it.

We’re all for feel-good shoes--you know, the kind that won’t give you massive blisters as you trek across our hilly city. But Blu Kicks takes that feel-good notion to another level.

Founded by a darling mother-son duo, the company aims to preserve and restore marine habitats by donating one dollar from every sale to nonprofits such as WildAid and For the Fishes. Whether they’re helping to ban shark finning or protect coral-reef wildlife, Will Leonard and Victoria Fay are wearing their commitment on their feet.

Their devotion stems from the family trips they take to Hawaii, where they’ve witnessed the overfishing of the humuhumunukunukuapua'a (yes, that’s the state’s official fish; no, we can’t pronounce it) among other sea creatures.

Do-gooding aside, we just want to wear these laid-back beach-friendly sneaks ($58). Each pair of the comfy slip-ons is inspired by a particular fish, a picture of which swims on the soles. We’re partial to the bold Baja Orange style, modeled after the garibaldi, and the Panama Stripe, which doesn’t much resemble the yellowfin, but we’ll forgive it since it’s so chic and wearable.

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