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Julia Lucey
Make some room for a friendly grizzly bear in your home.

Several national parks are practically at our doorstep, and we?re unabashedly proud of our proximity to wildlife (even if it means the occasional run-in with a coyote).

Show off your love affair with Mother Nature by adorning your wall with one of Julia Lucey?s fierce prints. The Fairfax-based artist renders images of iconic Western animals--bison, grizzly bears, black-tailed deer, bobcats--in vibrant, trippy etchings.

Lucey draws on her time spent in the Rockies (working on ranches in Wyoming, backpacking through Yellowstone) and right here in Marin (cue the howling coyotes), and recalls the creatures she has seen up close and personal--like the stream of trout she waded through in Montana and the wolf she happened upon while blueberry picking in Alaska.

She uses the decidedly old-school and painstaking process of etching with a copper plate, acid and ink, painting the animals? silhouettes and then making multiple impressions for a ghostlike effect. Some of the pieces feel particularly bittersweet when you realize that the grizzly bear--you know, the one that's on our state flag--no longer exists anywhere in Cali.

Lucey?s work ($30 to $800) is available at Rare Device through the end of August (a new shipment arrives this week) and at Trouvé in Fairfax.

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