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Log what you stash on BoxBee's site

The stockpot you use only for major holidays. That air mattress you haven?t blown up since 2010. Your husband?s third foam roller (how stretched out does he need to be?).

These are just a few of the things you?ve probably crammed into cabinets and closets over the years, to no avail. Storage is the obvious solution, but it can be such a hassle to arrange--and so pricey.

Enter Boxbee, a new SF-based company that simplifies (and digitizes) the process.

After signing up on the site, you request a certain number of durable, stackable, waterproof boxes--you?re charged $6 per month per box. They?re delivered to your home within two hours.

As you pack, log each box?s contents on your personal private webpage (e.g., ?Box one: vases, baby toys and SATC DVD set). You can also upload pictures of those possessions, so you know exactly what?s where.

Schedule a time Boxbee to come, and they?ll be there when they say they will (!) to whisk away your insured things to a safe facility. Need to retrieve said air mattress at a moment?s notice? Place the request online and it will be delivered within 24 hours (for $15, plus $2 per box).

We bet he?ll never notice that foam roller is missing.

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