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Sugar and Spun
Salted Chocolate Almond cotton candy, anyone?

Summer always makes us crave kiddie treats--ice cream floats, hypercolor Popsicles and--the ultimate sugary confection--cotton candy.

Luckily, Sugar & Spun is making that last yen feel a little more sophisticated (and slightly healthier).

The Mission-based company puts an organic, ahem, spin on cotton candy, using pure organic sugar--they?re keeping mum on their patented technique. But it?s the flavors that really won us over.

Founders Justin Isip, Nate Villegas and Jason Angeles (of Frozen Kuhsterd) use unconventional dried toppings, resulting in offerings like cheesecake and spiced mango. They rotate three or four varieties every week, and we got to sample the Cereal Bowl (it tastes like Frosted Flakes) and Four Barrel Latte (aka coffee on a sugar high).

Sugar & Spun will be sold in 32-ounce containers ($4 each) at the Food Social BBQ Block Party this Saturday and SoMa StrEat Food Park on Sunday. Plus, we hear that upcoming flavors include matcha green tea and black sesame sugar.

Trust us, friends--these are calories well spent. Just try not to inhale the whole container in one sitting. (Not that we know anyone who did that.?)

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