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Bloom That
Those blooms could be for you...

It's 3 p.m. and you just remembered that it's your mother-in-law/boss/best friend's birthday (palm of hand slaps top of head). Technology to the rescue!

Bloom That is a new site that delivers gorgeous fresh bouquets by bike messenger within 90 minutes. Unlike other delivery services that offer a bazillion options and add-ons (when have you ever opted for the teddy bear?), Bloom That gives you five seasonal bud choices--and that's it. Right now, the options include a bunch of hearty sunflowers ($40) and a stunning summer mix with dahlias and snapdragons ($35), all sourced from local florists.

After placing your order, you're prompted to request a delivery window and add any special instructions (e.g., "She sits in the cubicle next to the printer"). Once you've paid--the delivery cost is included in the price--the arrangement is pedaled to its destination within an hour and a half.

As great as the speedy delivery are the sweet details: The blooms are wrapped in recycled burlap and tied with charming ribbon. Notes are handwritten with a fine-point Sharpie.

Permission granted to bookmark the site on your husband's computer.

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