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Timothy Sue
One of Clark's one-of-a-kind wallpaper designs

You painted. You repainted. You're still bored with your walls.

Timothy Sue is coming to the rescue with--wait for it--the chicest removable wallpaper we've ever seen. Designed with (stylish) renters in mind, the wallpaper is reusable, stain-proof and, oh yeah, gorgeous.

The woman behind it, Colette Clark, worked for acclaimed local interior-design firms Jeffers Design Group and Steven Miller Design Studio before striking out on her own about a year ago. Inspired by vintage fabrics, Clark sketches and paints watercolors to create the collage-like patterns.

Her wallpaper is not for the timid--and that's why we adore it. Colorful hearts flutter down one design, while bombastic geometric shapes jump off another. Our favorite might be the Rorschach-test-esque Sixty Seven in Purple Sky. They're all available through Timothy Sue's online shop ($120 for two-foot-by-nine-foot panels; $220 for two-foot-by-18-foot rolls).

Intimidated by the installation? Clark provides step-by-step instructions on her site. The beauty (other than the design) is that you can easily unstick and restick the paper to walls without causing any damage or wearing down the adhesive--the wallpaper should last for several years.

It's time to stop watching the paint dry, ladies.

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