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Masterworks wooden bike
This is how you win the coolest bike contest

The conundrum of where to store your clunky bicycle is solved when said bike is a wooden work of art.

The two men behind the appropriately named Masterworks handcraft fully functional two-wheelers out of timber—oh, and did we mention these bikes are insanely gorgeous? Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez employ old-school methods (think time-consuming chiseling) to carve (!) the bicycles at their workshop in San Jose.

About a third of the wood they use is “urban,” meaning it’s sourced from local felled trees and the like. Holloway and Hernandez spend hours shaping the walnut, mahogany, cherry and redwood by hand before massaging it with rosewood oil.

But these bikes are more than just pretty frames--they’re built for riding. Holloway is an avid cyclist, so he knows what a bike needs to handle the hills. The Demon ($2,600) and Scout ($3,400) models are performance-oriented and can go long distances. On the other hand, the sleek Gypsy and hibiscus-adorned Mahalo ($6,500 each) are perfect for cruising.

Because each bike is custom-made, Holloway and Hernandez will accommodate your height and detailing requests (perhaps the skull gear-shift knob on the Interceptor is not your speed).

687 Quinn Ave., San Jose; 800-886-4509 or

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