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Soft Cities
Napkins in the 'Candymap' color scheme

Wedding season is upon us, and we know you want your gift to stand out amidst the sea of registry place settings. Personalized map-based blankets and napkins from Soft Cities will make your friend light up even more than that Wedgwood creamer.

Using maps made by the SF-based design and technology firm Stamen Design, founder Nikki Rodenbeck turns cartography into personal history by tailoring city grids to customers? requests--changing the color palette and highlighting meaningful landmarks.

For instance, say your engaged bestie and her betrothed live in North Beach; you can ask for an arrow pointing to their apartment on Lombard Street (the text will read, ?We live here?). And another pointing to Park Tavern, where they met.

The made-to-order fleece blankets ($175) come in three patterns--we?re obsessed with the watercolor one--and the ?mapkin? styles ($79 for a set of four) include a Lemondrop motif inspired by a Diane von Furstenberg dress. All of the items are printed in the city using nontoxic dyes, so they?re safe for little ones too.

If there?s a shower game that rewards the most creative gift-giver, just crown yourself now.

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