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Before Midnight
Delpy and Hawke in "Before Midnight"

The San Francisco International Film extravaganza is toward the end of the festival season. So while we may have to wait longer to see the movies, the society behind the fest gets to pick from the best of what has premiered elsewhere.

That makes it even harder to choose from the 158 movies being screened tomorrow through May 9. Our top picks attempt to answer the following burning questions:

How do Mick Jagger’s backup singers really feel about him? In the fascinating documentary 20 Feet from Stardom, the backup singers behind some of the world’s most famous musicians (e.g., Jagger and Bruce Springsteen) reflect on what it’s like to sing in someone else’s shadow--and finally get their time in the spotlight.

What happens when a bored housewife bonds with a stripper? In Afternoon Delight, the endearing Kathryn Hahn deftly plays an apathetic Silver Lake wife and mother whose quest to spice up her marriage leads her to adopt a “dancer” as her live-in nanny. Entertainment ensues.

Will Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke have a happy ending? Director Richard Linklater checks in on Céline and Jesse’s ever-evolving relationship almost two decades after they first met on a train (Before Sunrise). Now, the gorgeous couple are raising their children and attempting to retain some semblance of romance, all… Before Midnight.

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