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Susannah Freedman
Freedman striking a serene pose. Photo courtesy of Natalie Schrik.

Chances are, you?ve dabbled in a few different types of yoga--ashtanga, Bikram, maybe even aerial. But astrological yoga? Try not to roll your eyes and hear us out.

After a recent class at Bend with one of our favorite teachers, Susannah Freedman, we overheard her talking about the private sessions she does based on astrological readings. Intrigued (and, okay, slightly obsessed with our sign), we made an appointment.

Vedic or Hindu astrology and yoga have been linked for a long time, Freedman tells us, though combining the two is a fairly new practice in the Western world. Our session ($75 an hour) began with a birth-chart analysis, followed by a shockingly insightful reading of our current ?transits.? Apparently, we?re having a hard time letting go of certain things that shall remain unnamed.

Freedman takes that astrological insight into account to choreograph a customized sequence of poses. For us, she prescribed a series of detoxifying twists to let go of (un)said issues.

Even if you don?t believe that Pluto is in your seventh house, you?ll get a damn good personalized yoga session.

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