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Summertime is around the corner. That means moving mealtime to the patio. Why not go beyond burgers with delicious, globally inspired dishes from RiceSelect??

Their nutty Texmati® White Rice (which is available in white, brown and light brown varieties) serves as the base for the Chicken Biryani, an Indian dish brimming with spices like curry and masala. It?s a great recipe to adapt for the season. Instead of sautéing the chicken and onions, throw them on the grill for even better flavor.

There?s also the Sesame Chicken Salad. Grill the chicken, then add refreshing ingredients such as cucumber, red pepper and toasted sesame seeds for a unique version of the Southeast Asian dish.

Looking for something lighter? Fresh mint, orange juice and golden raisins create a delightful summer meal with Middle Eastern aromas when used to make Orange Mint Rice featuring RiceSelect Kasmati® Rice (Texmati White Rice can be substituted for Kasmati in this recipe).

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