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Lost Cat
MacNaughton (left) and Paul with one of their cats

Let it be said right off the bat that you don’t have to be a cat person to thoroughly enjoy reading Lost Cat, the new book written by Potrero Hill resident Caroline Paul and illustrated by her partner, Wendy MacNaughton. In fact, you don’t even have to like cats (this is coming from some serious dog lovers).

Lost Cat is the true story of Paul and MacNaughton’s admittedly fanatical quest to find out where their beloved cat spent the five weeks he went missing--and the book is as charming as its cover makes it look. (It’s also a charmingly quick read, with the kitty pics mixed in.)

Tibia disappeared back in 2008, after Paul was in a serious accident that left her injured and depressed. Though overjoyed when Tibby returned plump and in good spirits, Paul felt betrayed and became obsessed with discerning her cat's whereabouts. She and a reluctant MacNaughton enlisted pet detectives, mini cameras, even a psychic to figure out where Tibby had been spending his time.

Paul cracks jokes about her feline stalking, but she makes a surprisingly poignant meditation on the vulnerability of our relationships with animals and humans. MacNaughton’s illustrations vividly bring their search and subsequent revelations to life on the page.

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