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Homemade all-natural cat food from Rawr

Let?s face it: In this city we like to spoil our pets. We take them on hikes in the Marin Headlands. We parade them around at fashion shows. Sometimes we even put them up at the ritzy Wag Hotel.

So it?s only, ahem, natural that we would want to feed our four-legged companions grade-A organic fare too. We present you with three locally made, chemical-free options our furry friends can?t wait to get their paws on:

Canine Confections The ingredients in these biscuits are chosen based on what they don?t contain: chemical preservatives, artificial colors, wheat, corn or soy. But the treats double down on flavor and crunch in sweet potato dog biscuits and cheese-and-shrimp nibbles for cats.

Waggy Taylor You wouldn?t dream of eating conventional meat. And now your pooch doesn?t have to either. Waggy Taylor?s nutrient-rich organic biscuits are made with hormone-free meats from Bay Area farms. Treat your pup to their Beefy Cakez, made with grass-fed ground beef, organic rolled oats and kale. (Sounds like something we?d want to eat!)

Rawr Can you hear that? It?s the sound of your feline purring over this homemade, all-natural raw food. Rawr uses organic eggs, seasonal vegetables and whole, antibiotic-free meat (not cheaper cuts). Orders are customized based on your kitty?s preferences, and even the packaging is compostable.

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