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Desperately need your house cleaned for last-minute guests this weekend? Can’t hang that heavy shelf all by yourself? Handybook is at your service.

Following its success in New York City and Boston, the site officially launched in San Francisco this week. Here’s how it works: You go on Handybook’s site or use its free app to request the date, time and service you need--cleaning and furniture assembly are among the most popular. An appointment is made within 90 seconds, and you pay an hourly rate through the site’s secure system ($35 for cleaning and $45 for handiwork, on average).

You don’t have to slog through Yelp reviews or worry about hiring someone who isn’t up to the task--Handybook does thorough background checks and employs only referred professionals who are skilled in that area of expertise. They 100 percent guarantee next day availability, and if your hired help doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the service is free.

After purchasing an Ikea day bed with a daunting 30-page instruction manual (a.k.a. a fight waiting to happen with our significant other), we made an appointment. Our handyman was prompt, efficient and good-natured--he even carted away the cardboard boxes after. Handy, indeed.

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