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Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets
Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets' boozy brittle, "The Filthy Pig"

Over on 24th Street in Oakland, a group of up-and-coming bakers and pastry makers is whipping up innovative creations out of a communal cooking space called Kitchener. Here are four sweet confectioners that we have our (hungry) eyes on:

Muffin Revolution Healthy muffins? Marirose Piciucco and Christy Kovacs pack the former fat bombs full of nutritious dairy-, gluten- and grain-free ingredients. Flavors include the Green Dragon, made with matcha (green-tea powder), and the Cavewoman, a Paleo-inspired mix.

Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets Jenna Keys and Josh Gillespie adulterate classic sweets with alcohol, resulting in sinfully tasty gourmet marshmallows with names like Hella Frangelica, made with Bourbon vanilla bean and Frangelico, and boozy brittle like The Filthy Pig, with Bulleit Bourbon and bacon.

Sixth Course Sage and brown butter caramel truffles--need we say more? Two pastry-chef alums of luxury-hotel restaurants, Gianina Serrano and Bridget Labus, use artisanal chocolate, local dairy products and organic herbs to create their rich delicacies.

Picnic Bakery Vegan and sugar-free treats get major taste upgrades when Emily Haydel is making them. Her Peppermint Panda Cookies marry the magic of Oreos and Thin Mints, while her custom cakes make any birthday party an outright celebration.

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