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We’re all for being law-abiding drivers. But sometimes it feels like this city is conspiring to ticket and tow our cars. With an increase in meter maids and no more free parking on Sundays, we’re tempted to stay off the roads altogether.

Since that isn’t an option, we downloaded Park.It, a new app that promises to prevent those expensive citations in San Francisco.

Here’s how it works: The app has a database of the city’s regulations, including street sweeping, residential parking zones, incline parking and meter violations. Enter the address where you want to park and how long you need to stay there (in 30-minute increments).

Park.It searches within a third of a mile of that address and indicates on the app’s map where legal spots are available and how much they cost. Once you park, the app will alert you if your meter time is running out or if it’s going to be illegal to be parked there in, say, an hour.

The Park.It Lite version is free but has mobile ads; a paid app ($1) without ads will be available soon. It’s a small price to pay compared with the hefty cost of a ticket.

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